I recently had the pleasure of meeting jazz musician and winemaker, Marcus Johnson, and to taste his brand, FLO Wines. Johnson and his trio set the festive mood at the annual Wine Over LA toast to diversity – featuring African-American, Latino, and female vintners.

Over the last year, I have been enjoying more Chardonnay’s aged in steel. Steel drums honor the environment. They also give the winemaker more control over the flavors, to create more fruit forward wine, with a finish that is fresh, crisp, and light. FLO Chardonnay is a delicious testament to this process – with a mere dash of oak, citrus and pear flavors.

I asked Mr. Johnson, “Why wine?” He said, because wine naturally goes with jazz. People love to enjoy experiences. Wine and music is a natural pairing.

You can explore more FLO… at FLObrands.com


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