Everything You Need To Elevate Your Wine Game

MONDAY, April 1, 2019


The wine list or wine aisle can be intimidating, if you don’t already know which wine to select or if you're hesitant to try something new.

Wine is more popular than ever. It's often the beverage of choice for networking, Wednesday Wine-downs, corporate gifting, and to toast when the business deal is done. 

This masterclass videoconference is designed to bring the wine world into your comfort zone.  It's ideal for wine enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to leverage and enjoy this luxury brand and lifestyle, with authenticity.

Sheila with scarf_edited.png

with Wine Coach & Curator

Sheila Dianne Jackson

Eve's Wine Zen

"I connect people with

fine wine." 

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Reach  Wine 'Lightenment

I couldn't resist

  • Identify your wine style

  • Build your wine confidence with the "Ten Laws of Eve's Wine Zen"

  • Receive a customized list of wines that are right for you

  • Gain tools to expand your wine palate

  • Learn how to leverage your passion for wine to cultivate relationships, align and elevate your brand

"Sheila's masterclass can turn a "wine liker" into a "wine lover" in a fun, non-intimidating and unpretentious way, demystifying such concepts as"flavor profiles", "varietals", and more.  If you would like to increase your understanding and vocabulary surrounding wine (I call it "wine fluency"), you can't go wrong with Sheila.  Whether you want to gain the confidence to order just the right wine at a restaurant or have an intelligent conversation at BevMo, sign up now!"

- Nicole Butler, Actress's free. Compliments of Eve's Wine List